Construct Deconstruct Construct

This collection of furniture is based on found objects from the streets of Mumbai, that are made from scavenged pieces of wood — which have been put together in an adhoc manner. These naive objects, which don’t follow the principles of design, are on the margins on functionality. There is a ‘typical’ aesthetic that comes out of this ‘do first think later’ action, which is related to the idea of improvisation, where time and material are scarce, as survival is at stake.

Each of these vernacular pieces of furniture are gestural in their nature. They are totally unique, especially due to the fact that they are created spontaneously by non-designers. Each of these objects have a gesture of sorts which is also imparted to the posture of the sitter due to the structure of the furniture. The shape of these objects induce behaviours and gestures (such a rocking and sitting sideways), which has been taken forward to create new gestures. One example of my intervention is a stool which forces the user to put one of their feet up, in a gesture that is a common site in India.

The title of this work, Construct/Deconstruct/Construct refers to the cycle of reusing materials from previously functional furniture to construct new pieces of furniture, which eventually are deconstructed or even reconstructed, to make new pieces. Metaphorically it addresses the notion of the process of the design intervention: observation/collection of objects, deconstructing those objects, and then making the design intervention

Construct/Deconstruct/Construct has been published in Habitus and Trends. It was also part of the IDF Mumbai Design Trail.