AIACA Craftmark Catalogue

This catalogue was created for Craftmark, an initiative of the All India Artisans and Craftsworker Welfare Association (AIACA) to showcase and represent the works of a range of organizations in the handicraft sectors. AIACA seeks to preserve the crafts of artisans on a domestic and international level, as well as improve the standard of living for craftworkers.

For this catalogue we wanted to create a contemporary, elegant and simple catalogue to showcase the diverse array of traditional crafts done by organizations represented by Craftmark. Our biggest challenge came in creating an easy-to-use method of coding the products to link them back to the corresponding organization while making it easy for the wholesale retailers to understand and place an order. To avoid adding extra numbers and obstructing the mood shots, we created a method of using thumbnails to link the image to the products with a simple skew number that links to each crafts organization in the back of the catalogue. We also worked on the styling of the photographs seen in the catalogue.