Apeejay School

A complete rebranding of the entire Apeejay School identity:

1. Brand Identity Design (which includes logo (crest) colors, fonts etc). Research of crests, the history the various visual manifestations in history, contemporary as well as those specific to education. Looking at Indian and Region specific (Orissa) symbols.

2. Application of the Brand Identity to the following:
a. Environmental Graphics & Signage: Wall graphics, gate signage
Banner and Flag, including house flags and colors
b. Concept for a Dynamic or Static Skin for the school facade. This could
represent the student body in some manner. A dynamic version could be
interactive either via the web or if a person is standing in front of the facade
c. Design of school Book Covers, Certificates, Medal, Trophy, Student’s &
Teacher’s I-Card,
d. Design of Prospectus &, Brochure Templates,
e. Merchandise
f. Website: two basic templates based as a translation of the brand identity into a site template.

3. Brand Guideline Book: rules of identity usage, do's and don'ts