Asian Paints Colour Next — Flock

We were invited by Asian Paints to create an installation for the Colour Next theme which was launched at India Design ID in Delhi and then travelled across the country.


Trends in the Indian context is very different from the west, that's why more than 1 trend story is created. For instance, CMG (USA) creates a more homogenous trend report. Cultural Values, Economy, Home etc all feed into the Trend/Story and Pattern. Experience + Color to crier a product that's relevant. 

In our case, "Retailability"  is Key. Asian Paints can facilitate: Finishes/Tech Lab/ Help with Materials/ Paint etc. What we create should not only answer the form but the function space. From Asian Paints perspective, what's new is very important. This is not about forcing a color, but creating an expression or our understanding on their research-based trend theme. Measure of Success: If it leads to more and more products by us or others, and if companies want to sell it. Process and Moodboards must be documented and saved. It will be used later. Moodboard can be images, 3D objects or video etc.


  1. Can use another shade of their color but same hue. 
  2. Can also use another material apart from specified but must use some of the materials specified.
  3. As long as the essence of the theme is coming through, they are open to ideas.
  4. No restriction on size and on number of pieces but if multiple pieces, they must connect somehow as a family. 
  5. Product must be scalable and has to have a market connect. Can't be too edgy.


The themes have been created on CMFTP (color/material/finish/textures/pattern)

Theme: Flock

Birds of a feather. 

Collective/ idea of people coming together to have multiple expressions. Not on my own but as a group.

 The niche/micro interest group. Groups are more porous and reflect each others' mind — shared sensibilities

Moving from one group to another is accepted unlike before. 

Unfettered. Transitive not Transient. Not Frivolous. 

LIGHTNESS is key.  AMALGAMATION (of materials, forms and colors)

Flexible/ Dynamic.

Coming together. The previous theme, Age of the Creator focussed on contrast, this theme is the opposite, less contrasty, more about merging/blending colors, materials, forms as a metaphor for various people belonging to a group.

The silver foil is reflecting personality. 


Pattern: watercolor, not defined, idea of blending, merging, combining. 

Marrying of materials and colors.  

Buoyant/ Soft gradient/ Soft and Dreamy/ Wavy

Surface appearance or actual material should be considered. Can take a visual or material approach. (droop chau??? what is that?)