Bihar Museum Identity (Concept)

The brand strategy of the Bihar Museum is based on the concept of "gateway to the past and portal to the future". That is, the Bihar Museum allows us to not only relive our past through the artifacts, the curation and narrative at the museum; but it also enables our future generation to have access to such a rich collections of experiences that have been brought together like never before in the history of Indian museology and curation.

The identity then represents this gateway and portal — and welcomes you the visitor, the student, the knowledge-seeker to pass through its gateway. The identity via the gateway is then a link to our past glory and future potential.

Historically, gateways — an architectural device — is used as a landmark to give a visitor a sense of arrival, a sense of finality and a sense of grandeur. Gateways have been used on the Indian subcontinent from the Mauryans all the way to the Mughals and even by the British (for instance Gateway of India and India Gate). A gateway is also called darwaza in India. They are either self standing or a part of a complex such as a fort or palace.