Ela is a high-fashion brand that produces garments for women solely out of organic cotton. The clothes are meant to be both stylish and comfortable and they hark back to an era where sustainability was part of daily life. Ela is essentially about "Boho Chic". The mark that we created was to reflect a sense of nostaligia, organicness, feminity and of being rooted in craft.

The resulting grid has been developed using circles, which indeed adds to the rounded and feminine aspect of the brand. There is a sense of incompleteness to the mark which adds to its sophisticated playfulness. The mark can be used in many ways, the grid can be printed and the filled circles can be embroidered either color on color or with
contrasting colors as see here.

Bottom: Images printed by hand using the Van Dyke contact printing process, which is a 19th century technique. This was done for the look book.

**Ela has been published in India Contemporary Design: Fashion | Graphics | Interiors, by Divia Patel (Victoria & Albert Museum)

*This project is being featured in Found Type by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson (Thames & Hudson)