The Fading Flower Markets of Delhi

Delhi is undergoing a massive change. We are in the midst of a kind of progress that can undermine the very fabric of the city. One of the recent examples of this "gentrification" is the removal of the age-old flower markets of Delhi. There are three such markets, one in the south in Mehrauli, one in Old Delhi's Fatehpuri and the largest flower market in Asia, near Connaught Place all have received eviction notifications from the Delhi government who want to move them to a cold storage in Ghazipur.

As part of the dialogue of Delhi 2050, we created silk garlands that depict images from these very flower markets in a celebratory manner — a last "hurrah" if you will. You can wear these garlands as a scarf as well in many different permutations and combinations to suit your style.

Client: Dutch Design Fashion Architecture for Delhi 2050