India Design ID 2015

India Design ID is an important annual design event, catering to Home Decor, Interiors and Design.

We were approached by Elle Decor / Ogaan to create a strategy and approach for their communications — Print Ads for Newspapers (Hindustan Times and Times of India) and Magazines (Elle and Elle Decor), Design and Branding of the entire event: from signage, banners, hoardings, tickets, VIP passes to print collaterals such as the Exhibit ID Handbook, Symposium Delegate Kit, Maps etc. We also designed several emailers. The collaterals span various scales (from small pases to large hoardings and mediums form print, signage to interactive)

For t​he ​third edition of India Design ID we were asked to create a an ad campaign that really stands out and targets three types of audiences:
1. ​Designers in various fields such as architects, interior and product designers​ and​ graphic designers​, as well as ​students​ from these disciplines​.
2. ​​Funders and sponsors including corporates
3. ​The​ general​ public ​ ​

1. To create interest in the target audience to purchase booth space and/or sponsorship.
​2. To increase overall participation, excitement and buzz for the event.
3. To create a strong platform for the design community and ​develop a stronger interest in design for the public at large​

Since we were going to speak to designers and people in allied fields, we felt it especially important for us to write the entire copy for the entire ad campaign. The concept was driven by the use of metaphors​ —​ ​in some cases also ​taking objects associated with design​ —​ and turning them around. For instance, the ar​m​-cha​ir​, considered an i​m​portant piece of furniture design​, was used in as a metaphor for both "power", "capital" and "design" — thereby creating a strong connection between India's capital and the centre of design in India — Delhi.

Similarly other objects such as a​n exacto knife, the lemon, the matchstick, the loudspeaker etc., were used as metaphors connecting — objects, design and the event (India Design ID). In many ways, it was the writing that influenced the final outcome of the design of the campaign — bold, strong, hard-hitting and creating awareness and excitement — this meeting the goals set by the client.​

Detailed list of collaterals we worked on:
Advertising for Print Media:
– Conceptualization, Copy Writing and Design for newspaper and magazine advertisements as well as Hoardings/Outdoor Ads
– Emailers on Exhibit ID and ID Symposium with adaptations each month

I. Print Collaterals:
– Maps
– VIP Cocktail Invite
– ID Visitor Bags and Tickets
– Exhibit Show Directory
– Complimentary invites for Exhibit ID and Show Directory
– Delegate Kit Folder: including Badges, Car Pass and Symposium Schedule

II. Venue Collaterals:
- Signage: Banners, Pole Branding/Signage, Directional Signage, Gate Branding
- Booth Markers
– Registration Signage and Decorative Elements
– Facades for all 4 halls
– Side Screens and Podium (Symposium)
– Symposium Schedule
– Masking and Backdrop for Symposium Hall & Media/ Registration

II. Interactive Collaterals:
- Emailers and Online Ads