Jugalbandi Identity

We suggested the name Jugalbandi for an exhibition on Australian and Indian designers and artisans. Jugalbandi is a duet, and it refers to musicians (or entities) consisting of two people with very different skills — but in the same field. The key challenge is how as a graphic designer and visual artist can one use this opportunity of jugalbandi to create something that is not only unique and interesting, but meaningful to the participants and the viewer.

Jugalbandi is creative dialogue of objects, skills and stories between Australia and India in the second half of 2012. It begins with the Sydney Design Festival in August, then moves to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad during October, as well as other sites around India.

The exhibition Jugalbandi presents the cultural dialogue now in play between Australia and India. Jugalbandi is associated with Sangam: The Australia India Design Platform - www.sangamproject.net. It is supported by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council.

For the identity of Jugalbandi we tried to create a rhythm and harmony in the typography which is loosely based on aboriginal (Australian) and "adivasi" symbols — to create a visual jugalbandi that echoed the meeting of minds and hearts at the exhibition.