Luck Bank

Luck Bank is a bank for collecting personal stories of good and bad luck. It accompanies the exhibition Joyaviva: Live Jewellery from Across the Pacific and was also a part of Lucky, a show at Carriageworks, Sydney in October 2013, curated by Liane Rossler. LUCKY will see some of Australia's most exciting artists and designers including Tanja Binggeli, Rachel Buckeridge, Priscilla Bourne, David Capra, Eddy Carroll, Julie Green, Leah Jackson, Lyn & Tony, Kate Mitchell, Kevin Murray, Sarah Read, Marilyn Schneider, David Sequeira, Rena Shein, Andrew Simpson, Tiffany Singh and Paul Yore developing new works for Carriageworks. Keepsakes, charms, and talismans will abound, embracing diverse cultural and social interpretations that exist surrounding luck. Submit your wish to the 'Luck Bank' for a free fortune.

Luck By Design book: is set of guidelines is for creating objects, spaces and actions on which others may pin their hopes. It is of relevance to jewellers, architects, interior designers, product designers, artists, parents and friends. Herein the reader will find gathered wisdom from tradition, sociology, psychoanalysis, anthropology and contemporary design practice. The reader is not required to believe in supernatural forces. It is only assumed that he or she have an interest in making the world a more liveable place.

We also created "fortune cookies" in the form of tokens with random quotations taken from weighing machines from Delhi's train stations. The reverse side of these fortune cookies are some of the symbols associated with luck — good and bad — in India.