Myraa Cosmetics

Myraa is a Dubai-based cosmetics company specializing in Incense Sticks, Essential Oils, Solid Perfumes and Fragrances. The word, Myraa comes from myrrh, which means a fragrant gum resin obtained from certain trees. Since the scents are sourced from India and trees are revered most by the Gondwan residing Gond tribes, who are renowned for their stories, myths and images of numerous trees that are found in their landscape — we decided to work with Bhajju Shyam, a Pardhan-Gond artist who with his keen understanding of the trees of the region — created artworks that really evoke the sense of what the Myraa brand is about, which is, a return to nature, and its effect on our senses. The vivid colours, the evocative fragrances and the sensuality of nature.