RAW: Reaction Against War

RAW is a proposal for a TV channel that looks at the other side of WAR. Despite (or may be because of) globalization, this is the age of fractured and disjointed relationships between cultures. The goal of RAW is to show its viewers the painful rebuilding of families... of countries that take place after a War... in an effort to prevent further Wars. Most news media looks at the war "as its happening" as "breaking news". RAW is about the aftermath of a war and what is being done for the healing process. Its about war effected areas and development agencies learning from previous experiences, because sadly, war has always been and will always be a part of human nature.

What you see here are promotional videos for the proposed TV channel that looks at the other side of WAR, RAW. The first video is about the fact that the effects of wars can't be undone. The second one is about Headline News and its focus of death and killing which is the anti-thesis of RAW and lastly, the

RAW (Reaction Against War)