Typography for Video on the Indian Diaspora

These typographic images were created to express the meaning of the word itself in a visual manner — or as, 'type as image'. They were made for the video to preceed Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi's speech at Madison Square Garden in New York in September 2014. Modi was addressing a gathering of 18,000 non-resident Indians (NRIs) and Indian Americans. The video that preceded his talk, addresses the Indian diaspora around the world. The typographic images we created along with photographs submitted for the video was to add another layer of emotion which was shown along with the video and its voiceover:

We are over a billion with one dream among us.
We stand on the corners of the globe and wonder what if.
Our teachers are our history,
We work from dawn until night , because we know we can make it better
We can spark change with kindness ,
a revolution with love .
We are more than the sum of our parts .
We are champions .
We turn tragedies to triumph . Buried or burned, we still believe.
We are rockstars of humanity . Artists. Inventors of the future. Gurus.
We are feminine and fierce, we are visionaries.
We bang and drum , whisper and hum…
Born here or living there, our mother is India. Timeless.
From deserts to high-rises , we have arrived.
And we will not stop.
Let us share and warm our hands. Walk together. Think together. Resolve together.
Together we will move forward. Together we will make change.
Nothing is impossible.
Let us awaken. And rise