These concepts are for Addapptiv, a new platform for E-learning for CAs on the Android tablet. We came up with a name that combines the financial/CA aspect "Add"; the fact that it is an "App" and finally, used the word "Adapt" since this platform can work in remote locations as no internet is needed and the software is designed to adapt to the skills of the students — it goes through lessons only as fast as students can keep upto them.

The first concept plays with the plus sign to create an entire grid as well as an intro animation with the name ADD, APP and TIV appearing in succession. The idea here being that with a simple "+" (plus) we can create a whole universe or a language for interacting.

For the second concept, we used the A+ as a mnemonic for Add (plus) and App (the A). A+ also signifies the notion of excellence in education and the ability of the student to do better through this platform due to the time saved in traveling and ease of use.